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Logical Owl provides standard employee admin services, custom configured human resources, payroll, benefits, worker’s comp, 401K and tax solutions that reduce cost, ensure that you are compliant, and mitigate risk.

Your employees are the engine that drives your company and HR administration costs money, involves incredible risk, and ultimately subtracts from both your efficiency and your bottom line. That’s where employee outsourcing can help.

How does Outsourced HR solutions work? It’s simple – you adjust the way that you solve the problem s of extra and complicated Human Resource management. Here are some ways Logical Owl’s employee administration services work for our clients:

Seamless Payroll
Streamlined, flexible, and efficient payroll system eliminates payroll problems.

Tax Compliance
Prompt, thorough administration and payment of all federal, state, and local taxes, plus management of all required forms and reports.

Minimized Reporting
We’ll handle routine reporting to local, state, and federal statutes like ADA, FMLA, EEOC, DOC, COBRA & Title VII.

Complete Regulatory Compliance
We’ll help ensure 100% regulatory and reporting compliance with state, federal and local statutes.

Benefits Solutions
access benefit-rich, cost-effective health care and other benefits by creating benefit purchasing groups.

Reduced Costs
Improved efficiency and lower admin, insurance and worker’s comp costs result in substantial savings.

Even our consultants agree, what’s listed above can be very complicated. If administration has become too much to handle, or you’re just looking for a more efficient solutions – please contact Logical Owl about our robust Employee Administration options today.


We provide many benefits for our customer, but one that is commonly utilized is same-day pay. Whether you’re a large company or small company, the ability for same-day pay is crucial. 

As a business owner, you probably already know that flexibility is key: you’re wearing many hats, juggling competing priorities, and never know exactly what turn your day might take.Your employees also have their own struggles with the flexibility of their jobs – one of which is most certainly the way that traditional weekly or biweekly payroll works. We offer a free to employers’ wellness platform to employees. The platform, among other modules, includes a very popular instant pay module allowing employees to access earned wages the same day they work. Same Day Payroll, a relatively new and smarter way to do business, is gaining popularity because companies see the following:

• 60% in employees showing up to work
• 13% decrease in turnover
• 3x increase in applicants for available positions when instant pay is offered/advertised as a benefit

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