av installation services

Audio/Visual Installation Services

av installation services


With our AV installation services, we can set up complex sound systems, video conferencing, sound masking devices, wire a few speakers for you, or anything in between. We are committed to helping our customers make educated, informed decisions about their audiovisual technology needs to ensure integration with your IT configuration.You have plenty of decisions to make when it comes to your AV installation components.

Allow Logical Owl to take some of that work off of your plate. Offering an umbrella of solutions, Logical Owl, is the simple answers to many questions about what to do for sound, video, data wiring, surveillance, automation and more.

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Turnkey solutions for restaurants aren’t the only ways that we continue to earn trust from our clients. Real Estate Development companies like the Roxbury Group in Detroit often work with us because the field of vendors, hardware and software needed to control mixed use and multiple family housing buildings can be tough. Because we round up the vendors and providers that come through our client’s doors – technology decisions can be much less cumbersome and complicated that they once were.

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