Buying a business phone system should be simple. Yet there are many things you need to know to select the best business phone system for your organization. In business, there isn’t much that is as simple as it should be. With the right business phone system provider, the process can be relatively easy.

What kind of phone system is right?
These are the factors to consider. We offer mostly VOIP options because they are both budget friendly and highly customizable for our clients. Features that make you work smarter and faster are paramount. Business phone systems today are for much more than placing and receiving phone calls. You can safely expect that your system will come with several system features. It makes sense to give some thought to which of these touted advantages will bring productivity benefits to your business.

Consider: Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Ring Groups and Extensions when you think about the way that your system will be designed. A poorly built phone tree can be very expensive for any business.

It pays to plan ahead. In doing the legwork to find the right business phone system solution for your organization, don’t forget to consider worst case scenarios. No one wants to think that they might be hit by a fire or other natural disaster, or that their online systems might be hacked, but losing your business communications could prove costly. Before you find yourself facing a damaged brand reputation or lost sales, research your continuity options. With VoIP, for instance, your communications can be automatically redirected to additional locations and extensions without callers noticing. The data from your phone system will help your business. You may already have a customer relationship management (CRM). If so, find a solution that integrates smoothly with your CRM to gain access to even more data. With VoIP phone systems, your business gains another avenue for data analysis. Call reports can be easily accessed proving insights into who your callers are, what actions they take, and more.
You can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you want to be with VOIP phone systems. With the various options available to you, it’s easy to find a business phone solution that lets you have as much or as little control as you require. When you elect to buy an on-premise phone system, you are taking on the day-to-day management of that solution. This gives you total control of the details but also puts the burden on your people to secure, maintain, and update the system. With a hosted solution, you let your providerhandle all security measures, software updates, and maintenance processes.In comparing phone system solution prices, verify that you have asked about hidden costs, service fees, and installation costs.   

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When Logical Owl works with award winning restaurants like Selden Standard (2016 Hour Restaurant of the year), margins for error are very small and managing multiple vendors can be nearly a full-time job. Fortunately, our consulting team worked to provide nearly a full stack of services from different providers: Consulting, Cybersecurity, IT Services, POS Setup, Cabling, AV, Security Cameras, Phones. The important part of working with our team is that we assemble the solutions that unify your vendors with your technology strategy – not the other way around.


Our favorite clients work with our consulting team to build turnkey solutions for their business. Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails (2016 Free Press Restaurant of the year) in Detroit is a prime example of a client who Logical Owl views as a partner. Years ago, when building their business downtown, the ownership reached out to us so that we could help them get their tech right the first time. Starting around the time their first table was hauled in, well before table service, we help their restaurant stay paid, connected and secure using a mixture of our solutions: POS, Video Security, Cyber Security, Phones and IT services.

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