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Almost every company provides you super-fast Internet networking with the features you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers and employees. The reason that clients come to Logical Owl is they want to be connected to several vendors at once. Our “One Quote” strategy helps sort through the Internet Service Provider and contract options to match what’s best for your technology.

  • Logical Owl consults you on your service needs and contract desires
  • We contact all of the providers who are available
  • All Quotes and Terms are collected
  • We present them to you

It’s really that simple.



When it comes to Network Security – we wish it were as easy as working with Internet Service Providers. In any type of network services deployment, a thorough review and understanding of potential threats and a resulting plan for Network Security is not only essential, but critical. Every organization, from enterprise-level businesses with large user groups, to SMBs with smaller user groups, face the same challenge of securing their IT network and connected end-point devices.

Regularly, we learn of network breaches perpetrated by individuals and organizations intent on attacking and penetrating a company’s network and devices with the goal of taking control of and harming those networks and devices. The impact of a security breach can range from inconvenient to catastrophic. Attacks can range from the defacing of company web sites to the installation  of ransomware. Often, seemingly random attacks aim to bring down a network and cripple a business. Regardless of the type of attack, or the underlying intent, once end-point devices (computers and other connected hardware) in a network are compromised, those devices can be used to launch attacks against other networks further exposing the business to liability.

Let Logical Owl customize internet and internet security solutions for your business today. Our team members are experts in designing technology solutions that meet your expectations the first time.

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For almost all business internet customers, the selection and hardware installation can be mind numbing. If a custom job is needed to get online, the costs can also add up quickly. We often work with property management companies who need a fresh approach to providing internet in their buildings. Some of them, like Center City Properties work with our technical consulting team to design solutions that add to their tenant’s success, rather than impede it.

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When Logical Owl works with award winning restaurants like Selden Standard (2016 Hour Restaurant of the year), margins for error are very small and managing multiple vendors can be nearly a full-time job. Fortunately, our consulting team worked to provide nearly a full stack of services from different providers: Consulting, Cybersecurity, IT Services, POS Setup, Cabling, AV, Security Cameras, Phones. The important part of working with our team is that we assemble the solutions that unify your vendors with your technology strategy – not the other way around.

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