Merchant Services

We provide Managed and on-site IT services. We have a 24/7/365 toll-free help desk and have an IT team that can and will, go on site to address any IT issues that need extra assistance.

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Merchant Services


Logical Owl has a wide variety of tools for businesses big and small to help their operations run smoothly. We handle all the technical aspects behind the scenes so you can focus on your customers.

Secure Hardware
State of the art terminals and security devices that help you stay paid when processing credit card charges

Flexible Rates and Contracts

Every client is special to Logical Owl – and their needs are very different. We’ve been in the merchant services game for some time now and represent the vendors that match your needs

We help you compare

It’s no secret that you can get into a bad deal when you are signing up to process payments for your business. Sometimes it becomes too much about the sales and not enough about the solution. Logical Owl is built upon the idea that multiple options should be examined for each problem – then a decision can be made.

If you feel like you need a better or updated solution for your business – contact Logical Owl today. Our technical design and understanding of all of the components of Merchant Services helps our clients win every day.


    Merchant Services – Fine Wine Source

    In most cases, when somebody approaches a business about “credit card processors,” there is a single focus: to get them to switch providers. Logical Owl’s holistic approach to understanding the nuances of our client’s revenue is what helps companies like the Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan. Accepting electronic payments are rarely a one-size fits all solution and our team prides themselves on helping to sort through the red tape in choosing what’s best.

    Logical Owl has been an integral part of our marketing program at The Fine Wine Source; both on social media and through networking in the wine shope and private events. they are a large part of our success, to say the least!

    Jim Lutfy

    Fine Wine Source

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