Low Voltage & Fiber Cabling

Logical Owl works to supply customers with cabling and fiber.

Whether you’re a large or small business, being connected is of paramount importance. Our cabling installation provides reliability of all systems and technologies it supports. Our technicians install, document and test cabling so you can be sure your infrastructure is organized and reliable.

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Low Voltage & Fiber Cabling

There is a myriad of equipment platforms on the market today that can satisfy your network needs.  Vetting and verifying the proper equipment system is critical to the success of the network.  Logical Owl’s experience and design has the capability and expertise to integrate telecom, internet and fiber – or all of them into your project.  Each Cabling job is different and it’s easy to get out of control when working on your project – especially when it comes to the logical design of your system.

Primarily, we install these types of cable:

Low Voltage Cable — Fiber – Coax Cable

Logical Owl has years of cabling experience as well as relationships with the top vendors for traditional Cat6 or Coax cabling and where we really shine is in cutting edge cable technology like Fiber wire options. If you choose Logical Owl to contract your cabling job – our relationships with serviced providers like Rocket Fiber, Comcast, AT&T and hundreds of others can help you build a system that will need less maintenance, provide more speed and have a lower overall installation cost than most of our competitors.

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Cabling / Fiber – Issa Agree – Downtown Synagogue

Installations for special or historic buildings can be complex and finding an intermediary between contractors, salespeople and committees who make the decisions on what is best can really stall progress. At places like the Issac Agree Downtown Synagogue, Logical Owl’s expertise in preserving beauty is paramount when updating wires and cabling so that its visitors have access to the technology around them. Our team translates technology so that everybody can understand the details of the project.

Logical Owl helped bring the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue up to speed by upgrading and installing our WiFi service. But they offered more than just the technical side of service. They went above and beyond by kindly organizing our routers and cables, and they were quick, efficient and kind.

Arlene Frank

Isaac Agree - Downtown Synagogue

Cabling / Fiber – Roxbury Group

Turnkey solutions for restaurants aren’t the only ways that we continue to earn trust from our clients. Real Estate Development companies like the Roxbury Group in Detroit often work with us because the field of vendors, hardware and software needed to control mixed use and multiple family housing buildings can be tough. Because we round up the vendors and providers that come through our client’s doors – technology decisions can be much less cumbersome and complicated that they once were.

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